Hide Classification Values (in the Classification Tree) based on Criteria

Hi All,

Is there a good way to Hide some of the Classification/Type values from the select Classification Page , based on a specific criteria ?

e.g. User ABC should only see Assembly and Component in the above page when creating a Part.

Thanks and Regards,

Shruti Suresh

  • Hi Shruti,

    I don´t think there is a way to filter the displayed classification list. The individual classes are not stored as items, but more as some basic string. So the items don´t use a permission model or similar that you could use as filter. In general, the class structure browser is based on a couple of 20 year codetree files with less options regarding additional features (e.g. ClassStructure.js)

    You can restrict can_add based on the selected class, but this will have no influence to the visual appearance of the class list.

    You maybe could use a  custom dropdown that you fill in dynamically with the classes users are allowed to use. Then update the "real" classification based on the dropdown value. But that´s a lot of additional code for just some visual help.

    But that´s just may own POV. If anyone knows more, please let us know!

  • Can't you intercept the javascript in the client and filter it based on a custom mapping in Aras between the classification values and whatever the criteria is?

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