Pulling unique usercount, # released items, change orders, etc from database


What is the best way to pull certain, non-sensitive properties from a database, I am looking to consolidate usercount, # released items, # of change orders, among other things. An exported CSV will work fine as this is not for a frequently-updated dashboard.

  • Hi,

    that´s an excellent question! I have an open feature request at Aras were I asked them to provide these kinds of statistics for the administrator. Innovator in the background already collects a few of these values internally for subscription reasons. It would be easy for Aras to share these statistics with the administrator. So one solution is to ask Aras about this values and then you will get an export with your user count and general system info (version, installed apps, etc.).

    To provide a more useful answer: I myself use a couple of combined SQL "count" queries to build some kind of system statistics overview. If you use MS SSRS you could use the SQL result to build a report.