• Authority Mismatch on Settings vs. signin state after upgrading from R21 to R27

    My R21 environment (dev) had no issues prior to applying the R27 patch. Can't get his resolved. Hopefully somebody else in thee community have had this and resolved this issue. From oidc-clinet-ts.min.js: this._settings.authority !== t.authority &&…
  • TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'itemTypeGridPlugin')

    Dear team, We are currently using Aras version Release19. However, when attempting to perform searches for both parts and documents, we encounter an error stating "TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'itemTypeGridPlugin')." This…
  • GUID showing up in keyed name on change of an item while in edit mode.

    After creating an item, if I open the item back up and make a change to it, the keyed name changes from its original name to the GUID. In this case the original keyed name was 'Concept-0047 1' but after making a change it switched to the guid of the item…
  • Decimal and Float precision, rounding and overflow errors

    I am looking for a solution to the following problems that I am encountering using 12.0 SP9 with Float and Decimal data types. I need to store engineering data that can contain very large and very small numbers. In testing a property using the Float…
  • Technical support / Consultation for money

    Dear all, I have some problems with software and can’t find the solution. Could you tell me if I can buy consultation of the specialist to solve the issue or technical support? If someone knows the program well, and could give the could help for…
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    Duquesne University diploma
  • First letter uppercase on field labels in Chrome

    Hello, Hi, How are you all? i hope everyone are fine and safe in these difficult situations. I'm here to ask that, is there any hot fix or a solution for the problem as shown in picture. Filed lables are not appearing as same as defined by Administartor…
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    University of Technology Sydney
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    University of Western Ontario
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  • Error 500.19

    I have a new install of Innovator 12 and have an issue when trying to access the http://localhost/innovatorserver/ I get error 500.19. I have checked a few of the posts here and verified that ASP.NET, .NET 3.5 and 4.0 are installed. I'm running SQL…
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    诚招中介代理【 Q/微:97609632】针对原创性非常强,办理的是与学校完全百分百比例的毕业证成绩单及文凭学历:2019各国留学生教育部认证须知留学业务选择办理准则如下(工作交待、父母交待,不办不行的学历文凭): 一、工作没有办法确定下来,回国了又要先给父母、亲戚朋友看下学历认证的情况 那么只要办理一份就读学校的毕业证成绩单即可 《请放心,我们制作的是与学校原版一模一样的》 二、回国进私企、外企、自己做生意的情况 这些单位是不查询毕业证真伪的,而且国内没有渠道去查询国外学历认证的真假,也不需要提供真实教育部认证…
  • Problems about Aras Innovator Method Plugin

    Hello, I'm trying to use the Aras Innovator Method Plugin to debug a sever method in Visual Studio 2017. Here is the URL of Aras Innovator Method Plugin: https://github.com/arasplm/ArasVSMethodPlugin/wiki I build the project successfully, but…
  • Bug report: Uploaded images are blurry

    When I paste a screenshot to a forum post it becomes very blurry:
  • Bug report: The forum looks bloated with all huge links

    It looks bad with all huge links: I can barely see any items at the same time on my screen. lol
  • Bug report: no Google links work

    Steps to reproduce: 1. Search for something Aras related on google. E.g.: 2. CLick nay of the resutls. 3. it just redirects to the main page: Please fix this. It's really annoying trying to develop for aras when the documentation doesn't…
  • Bug report: not possible to type question mark

    It's not possible to type question marks into this textarea with an American keyboard layout. Swedish layout works fine though. Dunno why.
  • In RelationshipTypes created_* and modified_* can be changed same info

    In RelationshipTypes created_* and modified_*  properties can be changed same content when another user added or edited. Aras Innovator Version:11.0 SP9 & SP5 you can see images here .