Warning: Versioning and tab pane very buggy in new Innovator versions!!! Are you affected?

Hi community,

I need your help to investigate an error that occurs in newer Innovator versions. In my case it occurred in Innovator 12SP17 and 12SP18 but NOT in Innovator 12SP7 / 9 / 10. 

I look for a bug fix for this one, cause unfortunately Aras rate this one as unimportant glitch and not as high risk behavior. From my POV the bug is a huge source for trouble (data loss!!), so I just can warn people to update to SP17 and SP18 without this bug fixed.
I want to investigate, which service pack version is NOT affected by this bug. I am not able to test out all available service pack, so I would be happy if community could help:

If you are a user of Innovator 12 SP11 / 12 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 I would be happy if you could test out at least the Error 1 scenario!! (2 minutes required!)


In 12SP17 and 12SP18 the tab pane can crash to easily when using item versions (like in Parts, Documents and Methods).
In addition, old item revision can overwrite the latest item without the user noticing it!
Both errors can occur easily, as soon users display previous revisions of an item. Comparing old and new revisions is a typical work during a Change Management process, so it´s an error that affects daily work of PLM users.

Test Setup

If possible perform this test in a test database. No data is edited during the test when you closely follow the instructions. But I don´t want to bring you in trouble in case of error!

1. Go to TOC -> Administration -> Open ItemType "Method" search grid
2. Search for Method with with "Ver 2" or higher, to ensure the Method has more than one revision.
   (If you need extra safety, create a temporary custom Method for this test that you can delete after test finished)
3. Open this Method (it doesn´t matter which one)
4. Open the 'Versions' dialog
5. Select a previous version (e.g Ver 1) of this Method
6. A Form with the previous version of your Method shall open.
7. Do not touch the new window with the previous version
8. Simply switch back to the tab with the newest version of the Method and close the "Versions" dialog

We now have both versions in parallel in the tab pane. This is our basic setup. So far everything is fine. 

Reproduce Error 1 (Tab pane crash)

1. Start from setup above. We are in the tab with the latest revision
2. Click "Edit" (but do nothing else)!
3. Now just switch back to the tab with the previous revision of the Method and simply close this window
4. After closing the previous revision, we will automatically jump back to our latest revision tab
5. Click "Discard" as we never wanted to edit anything
6. Now the error should happen:
In case of error a second tab reappears. We now have the two tabs for the item. They do not work and you cannot close them. Tab pane is crashed. Everything will be fine again after restarting Innovator in browser.
If you don´t see this error, your Innovator version is not affected by this bug. You can skip all other tests. Please share which version you used!

Reproduce Error 2 (glitch)

6. When you directly click "Search Method" in the TOC after above error occurred, a small additional glitch can appear
7. As our tab pane is crashed, the search grid will overlab with the Method Form. None of the tabs can be used reliable anymore

Reproduce Error 3 (previous revision overwrites latest)

Warning: Perform only in test database! Use a custom temporary Method for testing out this one, cause it can corrupt your data!!!

1. Start from setup above. We are in the tab with the latest revision.
2. First switch back to the tab with the previous revision. This time do not close the window, but simply take a look at the "Edit" button. It´s grayed out and you cannot use it. (This is correct behavior, as we never should be able to edit previous revisions)

3. Switch back to the latest revision and click "Edit"
4. Again switch back to the previous revision and take a look at the "Edit" button again. This time it´s not greyed out anymore!!!

5. It´s now theoretically possible to click the edit button inside the Form of the previous revision!
6. In case you click the 'Edit' button, you can create a high risk scenario:

7. After clicking the 'Edit' button, it´s seems to be possible to edit the previous revision. But what you see doesn´t represent the "truth" any more.

a) The shown Method code still shows the content of the previous revision
b) But the context item has switched to the latest revision. But this revision change is not visible to users as they still watch the previous code/properties. You can only see it in the 'Generation' value in the 'Properties' dialog.

If you now save your "fake" previous item, the latest item will be overwritten with code and properties of the previous version. This is a high danger situation not only for Methods, but for all ItemTypes that use revision as it will lead to data loss and corrupted data.


I discovered the bug while merging a few upgrade patches and actually destroyed a few Methods cause of this bug. If I as admin fail to handle versioned items cause of this behavior, I expect that real users will face the same problem soon.

I right would  not recommend to use 12SP17/18 just because of this bug. Comparing and working with item versions is a daily task especially when using Change Management. But it´s important that users can trust the data they see. Right now working with revision in SP18 is very risky cause users can crash their tab (best case) or overwrite data without knowing (worst case). 

Please let me know if you are able to reproduce any of the above bugs in your Aras Innovator version! If you´re Innovator version doesn´t show the bugs, please also write a short post! When we can determine in which service pack the error appeared first, it´s maybe possible detect the bug more easily.

Thanks for your help!


  • Hi community,

    new month, same question. How is the situation in Innovator 18? 

    In the past I was optimistic that Aras will address the topic. But also the opposite can be possible -> they simply don´t care at all..

    I assume my voice in this forum isn´t strong enough to be considered. So help from other subscribers and partners is highly appreciated!

    Does anyone know alternative ways to address this topic?
    Maybe I should make a devastating video series about bugs in Innovator that they can´t ignore. Or I could sing a song! At least this one would bring me "some kind" of attention. But probably not the attention that helps to get a fix.

    Nevertheless, this bug keeps haunting me and will not give up until we have solution.

  • And here it is: Fresh out of the oven and still warm and crispy -> Innovator 19! 

    I don´t think the bug was fixed. But hope dies last. 

    I at least make some progress with understanding tab controls due to requirements of another project. So I think I am close to a patch. Cannot believe this post runs for 8 months already,

  • Was anyone able to test if the bug still exists in Innovator 21/20?

    To my current knowledge, the following Innovator versions are affected by the bug:

    Innovator 21
    Innovator 20
    Innovator 19
    Innovator 18
    Innovator 17
    Innovator 16
    Innovator 15
    Innovator 14
    Innovator 14 Beta
    Innovator 12 SP18
    Innovator 12 SP17
    Innovator 12 SP16
    Innovator 12 SP15
    Innovator 12 SP14
    Innovator 12 SP12 (likely)

    (There are no "13" versions cause Aras is a little bit superstitious. The New England region is known not only for the large number of PLM vendors, but also for its rich history of...witch trials.)

    I assume the bug first appeared in 12SP12 because of a "fixed issue". See release notes:
    "Improved synchronization within the user's client session, so that commands such as Edit, Claim, Save, and Done accurately update the item's edit state (like claim and edit icons) across every place that item is displayed in the current session."

    The improvement is useful, but Aras has overimproved it, which created the current bug.

    I still welcome every helping hand so we get a bug fix for this in any of the next releases. Approaches with voodoo, necromancy or recipes for magical incense mixtures to cleanse the server room of bad energies are expressly welcomed! Grin

  • Hi community,

    since a few minutes you can add Innovator 22 to the above list. I am not too disappointed, cause this version contains the TechDoc Import. But of course the bug still makes this version dangerous as soon as you use anything revised. But if you use TechDocs and like Dashboard, I would definitely recommend to test this one out!

    Maybe we should bet on when Aras will fix this problem. My bet: Innovator 29 in March. 

  • Oh my god!!! In a time of crises and bad news, miracles sometimes happen!

    Check out the release notes of Innovator 23:

    F-005730 Fixed several similar bugs that were related to changing an item's lock status with an old generation open. 

    I don´t have proof yet, but I assume this one references to the "several similar bugs" mentioned in this post.

    They fixed it at the right time. This mean the fix will be included in the next free version, which makes a little PLM developer right now very happy! Thanks Aras!

    And thanks for every community member who supported this topic! What topic shall we address next? Smile