Split Screen

How to enable split screen mode in TGV similar to Part MultiLevel BOM Relationship in Part for effectivity context menu? By default how come that TGV has relationshipID_splitter elements?

  • Do you want to do this?

    Building this kind of view for a custom TGV is a bit tricky. I would start with the CUI elements to understand the used Method.

    One for example is effs_viewEffectivityInRelshipTab. But this customization involves a lot of codetree elements. So you probably need your own codetree extensions to make something custom.

    If there is an easier and more generic variant, I would be happy to know! But I don´t know one yet.

  • Thanks for the reply. Yes you are right. Similar to effs_viewEffectivityInRelshipTab method, we need to have our own code tree extensions. But if you see that method, there is an element with "relationshipID_splitter" it tries to unhide while selecting the View Effectivity action. If we see the BOM structure tab relationship view, TGV is configured the same way what we do for other TGV relationships. But my doubt is, how to add that relationshipID_splitter element on loading of the parent TGV. 

  • Hi,

    The additional splitter element is added by Effectivity engine on load. It´s not there by default on all TGVs.

    This one does the magic - the script is added when using effectivity:


    You can see inside the file that it´s hardcoded to certain relationships. So you maybe can add other ItemTypes there.

    Took me just 1 minute of investigation. I´m so proud right now, cause I don´t even use Effectivity. But of course I can be wrong, so don´t take my ideas for being correct.

    Out of curiosity. This kind of TGV modification definitely sounds useful. What is your use case for this one?