how to export Impact Matrix to Excel fully


I`m interesting in a way how to export Impact Matrix grid to the excel fully. I mean all rows (including collasubrows).

I know that there is aras.export2Office function which can export to excel and I`m trying to adjust EHT_Express ECO ImpactMatrixGrid client-side method to something like this:

case "export2excel":
          var gridXmlCallback = function () {
                 return this.impactGrid.grid.getXML(true);
          aras.export2Office(gridXmlCallback, id);

but it returns only not-collapsed rows(

for this method I`ve also added button at ...\Innovator\Client\Solutions\PLM\xml\ImpactMatrixToolbar.xml

Also I`ve figured out that there are 2 methods getXML:
1 M_Aras_Client_Controls_Public_GridContainer_getXml.htm function getXml();
2 M_Aras_Client_Controls_Public_TreeGridContainer_getXml.htm - function getXml(useValues, withSubRows);

and only 2 has inner parameter withSubRows but it looks like corresponds to TGVConteiner only.

so, does somebody have experience in such case? If yes, please share. Maybe I`m digging in a wrong direction?

my Aras is 12SP18

  • Hi Pavlo,

    I like the idea! When I first have seen your question I thought to myself "Naahhh, that will never work". But after reading what you have found already I think it´s maybe possible.

    I haven´t tested it out by myself, but maybe some brainstorming helps:

    Impact Matrix is a pretty old concept and is not based on TGVs. But "export to Office" is used in multiple contexts, like search grid and relationships. It mainly works with xml content (as you have found). Impact Matrix looks technically more like a Search Grid than a TGV. I am not sure how Aras build the level structure in the ImpactMatrix. It´s probably some older code that is also used for StructureBrowser/Where Used.

    Thanks for mentioning the "withSubRows" parameter. That there are 2 getXML versions makes sense. 

    - The TGV version contains support for multilevel structures. We get the level information in the export.
    - The grid version does not seem to support multilevel structures, as the grid itself is a single level structure.

    I think you dig in the right direction, but you might need to build your own function.  I wonder where the functions are located in the codetree. aras_objects.js contains the export2Office functions. But I haven´t check were they lead and how they work with the provided XML.

    As said, this is just some brainstorming. Maybe somebody else knows more?

    Best regards


  • thanx for response, Angela

    I assume that we need custom js code to collect all rows (including subrows) in one after that aras.export2Office can be used. Maybe somebody have some examples?