.NET Applications in Release 14+ -> Shall we still use ASP.NET Web Applications or better use ASP.NET Core-Web-Apps for own projects?

Hi community, 

I play around with building a custom .NET Application. The dev guide currently recommends us to start with an ASP.NET Web Application. 

But: My development guide is pretty old, so I wonder if ASP.NET Web Applications are still recommended to use when using Innovator 14 or higher? In the latest release of Innovator switched from .NET Framework to .NET Core, so I wonder if this change has some impact to custom applications.

On my current test server I have Innovator 12 and Release 2023 installed in parallel. I tested a custom ASP.NET Web Application and a ASP.NET Core-Web-app.

When I integrated the ASP.NET Web Application into my Innovator, I had to connect it to pool "Aras Innovator AppPool ASP.NET 4.0" in IIS.
In contrary the ASP.NET Core-Web-Application required pool "Aras Innovator AppPool ASP.NET Core" to work.

Both variants worked in Innovator 12 and Release 2023.

But do I still have the AppPool ASP.NET 4.0 when I have a plain installation of any I14+ release without the parallel installed Innovator 12?

What project type would you recommend to use? ASP.NET Web Application or ASP.NET Core-Web-app? The ASP.NET Web Applications seems to be easier to use then the ASP.NET Core-Web-app.  But I want to avoid trouble in the future, just because I build something that future releases of Innovator maybe don´t support anymore.

Any hint welcomed!!!

Thanks and best regards!


  • Hi community,

    after some research I come to the following conclusion: .NET Core is the future. While we probably still can use both frameworks in the moment, it´s probably better to use the more modern stuff. 

    Does anyone know if there are any Aras related .NET Core sample projects out there already? Or do you have tips to convert regular .NET Framework projects to .NET Core?

    If someone of you is reading this post while being at the current ACE 2023 event: Maybe you could grab the next best Aras employee and ask?SmileyAll tips and hints regarding .NET Core would be highly appreciated!