Tree Grid Filtering on multiple levels

Hello, I'm looking through the community forum for some information regarding filtering/searching on PE_BomStructure tree grid view and query definition. I've got a multi-level BOM that I'd like users to be able to filter by Part Number ( string or item). I followed the Query Element Builders Guide and the blog post "Filter a Tree Grid View with Parameters"; however it only works with the parameters at the top level. Is there any way to effectively filter the 2nd level rows and return the expandable level 1 rows where the item is found? I added a visualization in the attachment.

  • Hi Konrad,

    I use a custom structure as replacement for the original PE structure query.

    In my case I improved the filtering by adding an additional level for the Parent Part inside the query definition. When you normally create a simple multi-level BOM overview, you add Part and BOM use the "reuse definition" (?) setting. Then you can add an additional Part/BOM combination above this repeating structure. This allows you to just apply the filter on the repeating structure.

    It´s not the perfect solution, but hope it helps.


  • Is it possible for you to show a sturcture of the query definition of  the solution?  I tried to recreate this but no luck.

  • I currently use something like this:

    Note the position of the filter and "repeat query" setting. 

    But I have to admit, that the current solution is not used a lot by users. In our Innovator version, filtering isn´t a very popular feature yet, cause it only hides the text of the elements, but not the elements itself. 

    When I need more specific tree-views for the end user, I often create custom trees with a custom tree engine and don´t reuse the Aras Query Definition.