New community edition (Release 2024)

Hi community,

what are your thoughts regarding the new open release?


  • EDIT: Post currently removed by author. I still need to check a few things. Stay tuned! Angela

  • Thanks for bringing this topic into the Forums discussion.  You are correct that with the 2024 Release, we now limit to 50 named users.  Also, we no longer distribute framework keys for previous releases.  This impacts a very small portion of Community Edition (our new name for the free version of Innovator) users.  Our position is that organizations using Aras Innovator to support large product instances should be on a fully supported subscription. 

    The Community Edition is (and always has been) intended to support developers to explore and experiment with Innovator; to support POCs and “try before you buy.”  This kind of offering is unique to the industry. 

    Running mission-critical business processes on unsupported software is simply bad business practice.  We encourage any organizations finding themselves in a situation where they cannot support their organization’s interests with this new change to reach out to Aras or a partner to evaluate how we can support them. 

  • I think it is brilliant balance between encouraging organizations to explore the Aras Innovator platform at no cost while recognizing proportionate value to Aras for organizations that use it in production with over 50 users.

    First of all, no other PLM vendor on the planet today provides a version of their software for evaluation or production use at no cost!  It is stunning!  Organizations get the benefits of years of work and access to frankly the most flexible platform available. 

    On the flip side, argue why an organization with more than 50 users should be entitled to no-cost access?  If you have more than 50 users, you already are an organization with notable revenue.  We regularly see a ratio of 1:5 or less for the number of PLM users to the number of employees.  So, using that ratio, a 50-user operation will probably suggest 250 employees.  That might further suggest the organization is probably doing about 50 million a year or more.  They can't afford half-an-employee's annual salary for a subscription license of Aras?!

    I would further argue, using the Aras OPEN platform in production is like starting a cocaine drip.  You are ultimately cheating yourself in the long run.  You'll get addicted, and quickly find yourself stuck in a rat's nest.  For those that have been on the OPEN version for a few years or more, I would bet you have spent more money supporting the environment than what it would have cost you for subscription.  Some of that expense was probably spent to improve functionality that Aras now provides to its current subscribers.  Moreover, to upgrade now is going to be a significant expense.

    Someone argue with me.