Change permission for "view item" option(right click menu) of Documents under Operations

Under Process Plan(mpp_processPlans) --> Operations(mpp_operations) --> documents

Some of these documents under an operation are "invalidated". The documents are assigned "invalidated" status from Document-->Part when the "valid" option is changed to "No"(screenshot below). The user has the ability to right click on the any of the documents and select "view item" (picture below) to open the document container (screenshot below). I need this "view item" functionality to work for a certain identity when the document is "invalid"
Currently, if the document is "invalid" user can't open it from here but the document opens if one searched for it manually.

I can't figure out where does this "view item" option come from and where and how was this right-click menu even generated. 

Can someone point me in the right direction, please. 


  • Hi,

    MPP has a lot of it´s features located in the codetree. Not the easiest app to analyze and understand. But at a certain level it´s pretty straightforward.

    I would start with ..\Client\Solutions\MPP\Scripts\Model\WIModel\Actions\ActionsHelper.js  (The file can be slightly different depending on your Innovator version.)

    It contains the code to render the context menu. But I am not sure if modifying this file is really the best solution for your use case.

    Can´t you do just something based on permissions?

  • Hi, 

    Since, users can manually search for the 'invalidated" document and view it, it really isn't purely a permission issue.
    I am assuming there is some permission applied to the "view" menu in particular, if that makes sense.