Error uploading a document. file name too long.

Hello, we have problems when uploading documents, as we have discovered if the file name is greater than 150 characters, the program enters an infinite loop.

I have looked in the code and in the CORE and I don't see anything anywhere that limits it to 150 characters.

Any suggestions where to look?

Too many thanks!!!

  • Let´s game it out - PLM edition! Sunglasses I love when people try stuff that has the potential to break the software.

    Do you get an error message? Maybe in the server log files?

    It´s unlikely that Innovator restricts the length of the files. I assume it´s more an Windows issue. Maybe the file path in the File Vault get´s too long which throws a error on server side that is not passed to the client.

    Typically, paths can be about 260 (?) characters long. The file vault structure itself already adds a few characters. I made a quick tests and had no problem uploading these kind of files, but I use MS Server 2022, which seems to allow longer paths. 

    You maybe can change the windows registry to allow longer file names. But I wouldn't change this unless it's really necessary.


  • Me encanta cuando la gente prueba cosas que tienen el potencial de romper el software.

    Lol. hehehe. I look, but I don't touch!!

    Look, curiosity!!, I'm giving you a series of screenshots of the debugger, in case you see something "strange", you who have an expert eye on ARAS, :)

    ARAS has given the id, the full file name is in the variable, but when trying to upload it to the server, it fails. Enter an infinite loop.

    I tried to copy that same file to the server with the explorer and without problem.


  • I agree with Angela. You've most likely exceeded the max path length limit 260 chars. What the path to vault on your server? If something like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Aras\Innovator\VaultServer\Vault\InnovatorSolutions", the path length for vaulted file without filename will be exactly 110 symbols. So you have only 150 for file name.

  • There is nothing strange in your screenshots. As you have highlightend in the images, there is an error when sending a POST request. So probably the server disliked something. 

    When uploading the file, the server either doesn´t accept it at all, or will cut the name to a certain length.

    Alaxala explained it very well. You have to check the full file path in the file Vault. While copy&pasting the file to the desktop will probably work, copy&paste to the File Vault structure might fail.

    I have seen in your screenshots, that certain characters in the file name are escaped. But not all of them. This could also be a source of trouble. But I assume in your case, it´s really just the file length. 

  • Thanks to both of you for answering.

    Yes, that's what I thought too, but I've checked where the program's Vault is and it's almost in D: root.

    I'm leaving it, that path leads nowhere.

    It's a bummer, since I had done an action in which the user dumped a bunch of files on the "Document" screen and the system was in charge of creating a document for each line of document uploaded. It was like telling him of all these documents, create an individual document for each one.

    It will be necessary to convert the method to C# and try to rename the files when the user uploads them, to automate the process. But I don't know very well how to do it, since when the user drags and drops in the grid, the system fills in 2 fields "Related file" and "name", but I don't actually know where the file is at that moment, in the limbo?, on the user's computer?, in ARAS?.
    As far as I know, when it will be saved is when ARAS uploads it to the server.

    Well, thank you very much to both of you, and sorry for the bricks, hahaha