• Connecting to Linked Server (External SQL Database)

    Hello all, After many attempts and support of Aras Support, we are still unable to execute SQL Stored Procedures on an external SQL database. Context Aras Innovator Version 26 SQL Server 2017 Goal Execute a Stored Procedure on an external…
  • C# SQL Date Query

    Good day all, I am trying to create a dynamic report to produce the time it take between starting an activity and ending an activity. I can get the information I am looking for by using SQL, but it will not limit the returns based on dates. I have tried…
  • How do I set a where statement on a Query Definition against the current date the query is run?

    I want to only have it pull a specific relationship (Part AML) if a custom date field "Valid To" is greater than the current date. I am able to create the Where that compares it against a specific date, but this query definition is pulled by another process…
  • SQL Report Error - itemtype doesn't have a prefix

    Good day all. This error just started with a couple of our reports. I have not made any updates to the RDL files, so I don't understand why this is occurring. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • How to use SQL functions inside Innovator for large and complex queries?

    Hi community, inside Innovator the "SQL" ItemTypes contains some Procedures, Functions and other things used for internal purposes: It´s also possible to add own custom items. Common for example is the use of procedures that can be called e.g. this…
  • SQL in a TreeGridView

    I want to display the results obtained by SQL in a TreeGridView, but I want to implement it. QueryBuilder does not allow me to achieve this. Can I display TGV trees? I want to narrow down my search by conditional branching.
  • using the SQL item type as a view

    Querying a SQL view I built in SSMS from an Aras server method: string SQL_View = "innovator.my_custom_sql_view"; string SQL = "select * from " + SQL_View; Item SQL_qry = inn.applySQL(SQL); This is quick for me because I do a lot in SQL, but I know…
  • How to use client to get sql view data?

    How to use client to get sql View data? Can I use AML? Thank you.
  • How to call a server method with applyMethod() from a client method, and use the results coming back from server

    Server Method : [Get_Identity_Details] Can run this and get results I want. Hard coded guid for test Innovator inn = this.getInnovator(); string sessionuserid = this.getProperty("sessionuser","invalid"); if (sessionuserid == ""){} StringBuilder sql…
  • How to get InBasket list use SQL?

    Dears, How to get InBasket list use SQL? Thanks.