Guide of basics, such as itemTypes etc

Are there any guide / document to introduce how aras works with itemTypes etc. I have found and thats a great place for creating functionality etc. But I would like to have a more thoroughly understanding of the funcationality.

The itemType is one example but I would like to understand how things are connected between life-cycles, workflows, itemTypes etc.

Or is it only the just Ask innovarot the only source of information regarding this?

  • One example would be that I would like to understand could I create a new itemType that is shown in the requirement management. So that two different itemTypes is shown in the requirement search?

    Or should one use the class/type of the itemType to separate the different items/requirements.

  • If you are a subscriber or partner, I would strongly suggest looking at the configuring Aras training.

    The key concept to understand, however, is that everything in Aras is an Item! Each Item has a Type (which itself is an item!!), properties and relationships to other Items / Item types.

    Everything else pretty much revolves around that understanding.

  • Xel321,

    We try and cover the basics in the Aras Fundamentals blog posts, but as Tim says, the most basic piece is that everything is an item, and every item has an itemtype. Whatever you're doing, if it's a category of thing, it's probably an itemtype. If it's a single example of the thing, it's probably an item. So, LifeCycle is an itemtype, as is Workflow. A specific LifeCycle attached to something is an item, as is a specific Workflow an item goes through. 

    Somewhat confusingly, this means that the LifeCycle itemtype is an item, whose type is ItemType. We generally recommend not editing the ItemType item, since changes there affect just about everything in the system, but you could! (Back up your database first. Seriously. There are a lot of ways to render your instance nonfunctional by messing with the ItemType item.) 

    Skyler C.