Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch through opened tabs?

Hi community,

does anyone know, if there are any keyboards shortcut available to switch through opened tabs?

I am looking for a keyboard shortcut to

- set the focus to the tabs pane
- move back and forth inside the tab pane
- set focus back from tab pane to item window 

I think some simple shortcuts would ease up navigation - especially for administrators that have a tendency the mouse arm syndrome. I noticed that I most of the time switch to the mouse for the sole purpose of selecting another tab. 

Does anyone know a secret shortcut that could work? Or has somebody an idea to build this on, maybe with CUI?

Any input welcomed! Thanks!


  • Hi community,

    I found something interesting in the codetree. The tab pane is rendered by Modules\compontents\tab.js.

    This file already contains functions for keydown events!

    There are now a couple of options:

    1. Keydown events to switch through tabs are available, but I don´t know which key combinations to use

    2. Keydown events are somekind of prepared inside Innovator, but haven´t been fully implemented yet.

    3. The shown code does something completely different and I am on the wrong track.

    Has anyone of you one of the latest Innovator version (15/16/17) up and running and can check if keyboard shortcuts work there?

    Best regards!


  • Hi mczbas,

    thanks for your tip with the custom keyboard shortcuts!

    I right now try to connect your suggested project with my discovery I made before. I am basically able to switch trough tabs via Methods with regular Form buttons. It works more or less accurate, sometimes it still switches into the wrong direction, but should be fixable.

    The bigger question is right now: Which CUI location is suitable for this kind of shortcuts? Regular item windows or search grids are not the best variant cause they are tied to certain ItemTypes.

    I need something that is generic enough. Maybe the Navigation button or the Enterprise Search pane. There are so many options....

    Where are the Aras employees in this forum when we need them?  Innocent

  • Ok, now things get really weird. Some recent events offers a lot room for speculation.

    Reason: The above topic suddenly make it to the lastest roadmap - in addition to other usability related topic I posted in this forum in the past weeks!

    Of course the above ideas (and others) could come from everyone. There is nothing special about them. But the timing for them to be on the roadmap doesn´t fit at all.

    My theory: There is an imposter of Aras among us !!!

    If we look at all pieces, my (conspiracy) theory totally make sense. In the past Aras employees were very active in this forum and helped to bring all kinds of good ideas to live. In the past months they didn´t have much resources for community any more, but they still have to monitor this forum.

    I assume they noticed that the topic above is an easy catch for the roadmap. As their release cycles have increased, they need to deliver more content in a shorter amount of time. Why not take topics from the forum, were the solution is basically just a a stone's throw away cause some other persons already did the research? 

    To be fair: It´s excellent that this kind of topics made it to the roadmap! Thanks you!GrinningThumbsup
    But if my happy little imposter theory is true: Please at least let your community know that you recognized a topic and that Aras itself is interested in it. When taking ideas of others for a personal bonus, at least be fair enough to inform/help the original researches. This community is friendly (just most of the time speaks terrible English), so why be scared? ;-). And please don´t only focus on usability stuff.
    This one still needs an urgent fix::   Same for FTP, this one would really help!

    PLM - it just doesn´t get boring. :D