Notification Message Acknowledgements not stored reliable. What can be the reason?

Hi community,

I use Notification Message to inform users about new updates in the system.

I most of the time use the "once" option, so user don´t get the Message anymore after they confirmed it with the OK button.

Problem: The storing of the Message Acknowledgements feedback  doesn´t work reliable anymore. For some users the db entry will be saved, but for most others not. This leads to the result that users get repeating notification when they login.

What can be the reason for this behavior? Notification worked fine more me in the past.

I found some hints in the browser debugger, but were not able to determine the root cause yet:

userNotifications.js:391 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'parameters')
at a (userNotifications.js:391:41)

Any hints highly appreciated :D

Best regards