Atlassian discontinues server licenses - how do your company deal with it?

Hi Aras community,

I know a couple of people out there use Atlassian products like Jira or BitBucket and even use some connectors from this software tools to Aras Innovator.

How do you deal with the fact, that Atlassian discontinues their server licenses and moves to cloud-only? Will you join their "journey" or discontinue using their products?

Here some brief overview:



Upcoming changes to our server products

On February 2, 2021 Pacific Time (PT), the following changes will go into effect:

On February 2, 2024 PT, the following change will go into effect:

  • End support for all server products: This means that support and bug fixes will no longer be available for your server products.


I'm a huge fan of the "do not be trapped by a software" concept. Offering a cloud option is absolutely reasonable idea. Forcing long-term on-premise customers into it, is not.

Atlassian already raised the prices really harsh and so far their cloud-only decision seems not to be very popular. There are many discussions out their already, where people talk about alternatives to Atlassian products. Moving to another software is always a lot of work, but it´s less painful then being trapped by a company. I assume a lot of companies will throw out Atlassian and use alternatives.

How are you dealing with it, especially in the context of Innovator-Jira connectors? Would you still use them in a cloud environment? Are you also evaluating Atlassian alternatives? Will you move Atlassian feature to Innovator? 

Happy to hear your opinion!


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