Community project: Polarion AML Integration into Aras

Hi, I am looking for people who want to join me in building a Polarion AML integration into Aras. Goal shall be to provide a basic read/write sample for transmitting data from Aras to Polarion and vis-versa, that than can be used for own applications. Raise your hand if you: - Already have a working Polarion integration and if you´re willing to share some of your experiences - Don´t know anything about how to solve this task, but also want to solve it. First task: Find best way to transmit data I disovered various options: - Most of my current samples run und Java jars files. Also I am not very experienced about using jars in a .net environment. - There seem also some webservice options availale. But haven´t understand them yet. - There are some Polarion add-ons available that help to solve integration topics. But I am not familiar with them. I am looking forward for any input that helps to solve this task! Best regards! Angela