Aras Upgrade from 12.0 to 12 SP9

I downloaded and installed Aras 12.0 (Build: 13341) and having a few issues. I would like to update it to SP9 but can't figure out how to do it. I only have two people using it and there is no customization that was done to the original package. Is there an easy way to upgrade it without a subscription. Is there a document from/for the community on how this is done? I've emailed support and asked a distributor. Because we are so small, there doesn't seem to be a subscription made for us. Don't mind putting a little time into the upgrade, but can't find a lot of documentation as a starting point.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

  • Hi Eran,

    yes it should be possible, but you will not find any much documentation about it. I always planned to write about this one in my own blog, but it´s not the most easy topic.

    When your current Innovator installation is not customized, things get a lot easier. What ItemTypes have you used so far? Users, Parts, CM processes? These may contain a lot of sub-itemtypes that you will have to transfer.

    In the most easy way you install SP9 in parallel to your existing installation and relink Innovator in IIS. Always try first in a test environment. 
    Than you "just" have to transfer your data. 

    When you plan do to self-updates on the long time run you will have to take this in account in ANY customization that you do:

    - Know your data very well,
    - Write down everything that you might have changed
    - Do not customize manually, better use scripts. 
    - Use packages wherever possible 

    Good luck :)