ALM-PLM Integration with GitLab

Creates a simple PLM-ALM integration using GitLab as ALM. The goal is to provide an integration which will allow the project managers to capture a specific tag/release/version in a product structure, controlled with the CMII change management process. It leaves the developer the possibility to mainly work with GitLab which could be their preferred data management environment.

Author: Yoann Maingon

Organization: Aras Labs - Aras Corporation

Project URL:

  • Hi Neil, the project will likely need some tweaks to support v12 (see my comment above about the method-config.xml file). However, most of the code will probably work. I recommend filing an issue on the project's GitHub page. One of the Aras Labs team members or another community member can help you get it working.

    Regarding your question about how Aras develops code - we do use Aras Innovator to manage the development activities for our products. We have a custom application that handles a lot of the tasks that you might use Jira or DevOps for. 

  • v12 compatible? Does Aras develop code with Innovator? I work with old heads that want Innovator to be the answer to all engineering. I am an Agile guy that loves to work in Jira, especially, or DevOps because I like to just code. I want the Project Manager to worry about the: RM, ZYO, ABC, DCO, RD, FNA MAN, let me code! I don't think Innovator is for Software Development. Somebody please give me an, "Amen!"

  • At a glance, it looks like the code tree patch will need to be updated to support Aras 11 SP12. The method-config.xml file can change between service packs, so it's likely that your SP12 config file has been overwritten by the modified SP9 file in the project's code tree patch. There may also be some necessary updates in the project's method code, but I'd have to take a closer look to be sure.

    I've opened an issue on the project's GitHub repository: Update project to support Aras 11 SP12

    You can follow the status of the project there, or share your fix if you manage to resolve the issue before we have a chance to upgrade the project.

  • Hello Eli, Will this project work in Aras 11 SP12 without any changes? I am trying to execute the project on my Aras but it is not working at all when I try to list my GitLab repositories.