Aras Innovator Integration to Visual Studio

The Visual Studio Integration to Aras Innovator allows developers to take advantage of the powerful Visual Studio IDE and allow easy access to read and write methods to the Aras Innovator Database


  • Open Innovator methods directly from Visual Studio
  • Search for methods by method name or code snippet
  • Optionally lock the method when opening in Visual Studio
  • Save the method to Aras Innovator
  • Lock and unlock control from inside Visual Studio
  • Save the method to a deployment server
  • Project and Item templates for 11 SP5 and 11 SP9

Project Authors

  • Dennis Lindinger
  • Rob Kubiak
  • Bob Mengel
  • Steve Stojanovski

Author: Dennis Lindinger, Rob Kubiak, Bob Mengel, Steve Stojanovski

Organization: Razorleaf

Project URL: