Hide Tabs

Demonstrates how to hide specific tabs on a tear-off form.

Author: Eli Donahue

Organization: Aras Labs - Aras Corporation

Project URL:

  • Hello @space bar clicker

    Is it feasible to just manage the relationships window's maximum, minimize, and collapse functions programmatically? This strategy seems like it should be simpler to implement and can be helpful in some situations.


  • I think we may actually have a community project that supports your use case in a slightly different way. The Class Picker community project lets you present the user with a dialog to choose the classification of a new item before the item form is displayed. Once the classification has been selected, the correct item form will appear based on the selected classification.

  • Thank You Eli, Currently I am working on a project with innovator 11 SP15 and plan go to production 11SP15.

    Regarding the events the behavior I am looking for is as follows:

    - When user first add a part a simplified Part form is displayed so the user has to select classification, at this momemt I want to hide the relationships by minimizing the relationships grid. Once the part is saved the standard form will be displayed.

    For other cases the hide show tabs aproach is enough.

    Would be good to put a project together.


  • That's a great idea, Jose. I think I've worked on something similar in the past (a looong time ago!). I do have a couple questions for you:

    Are you looking for something you can use in Aras Innovator 11 or 12? Due to the UX/UI enhancements in Innovator 12, I don't think there's a single solution that would work for both. However, maybe we could put together a project that's a collection of samples.

    What events do you need to trigger the collapse/minimize/maximize? Ex: form events (when form loads), field events (a certain field is edited or a classification picked), custom events (user clicks an element in a custom HTML field)

  • Hi Eli,

    Is it possible just to handle programatically the relationships window - maximize, minimize, collapse - ? This approach can be usefull in certain scenarios and apparently shhould be easier to develop.


    Jose Manue