Run Client Method

This package adds a method and action to run client-side Methods from the method editor, similar to the built-in Run Server Method action.

Author: Jon Hodge

Organization: Aras Corporation Professional Services

Project URL:

  •   I don't understand what he is trying to say? Fun Games

  • Hi community,

    found it! You can improve the behavior of the action by adding a small codetree patch. Go to aras_object.js/ts and add a "return if content is missing" to the openContentInTab function:

    var openContentInTab = function(mode) {

      if (!content) {


    Solution works for I12 and I14 and is more elegant than the passing of the dummy property as suggested in the Github project. 
    Ticket is IR-078513 for those who need a reference :)

  • Hi community,

    does anyone know how to this project on Innovator 14? In my case I use it successfully in Innovator 12 without the "cui_ivicb_more_action_click" error message. But I guess in my case the I12 version works due to an update patch, which I haven´t discovered yet. Does anyone know more?


    Edit: The Github project prevented the error message by returning a dummy "value" property to the context item. But this variant shouldn´t be necessary. As said before, my I12 does it right already, I just don´t know why :D

  • How is it possible to adapt the Method to V12?
    If using in V12 in combination with the aras object, I receive systematically the error message "The method 'cui_ivicb_more_action_click' failed." with Technical Message "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length')" and Stack Trace "Client Side Error"