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  • Aras - ECO Impact Matrix - Email body additional fields mapping

    Hello Aras experts, I am currently working on customizing the Aras ECO e-Mail settings. Currently, the workflow triggers fields such as Activity, Instructions, Eco number, and Title in the email content. However, I've received a request from our business…
  • Bringing items in through AML package as 'Released'

    Hello all, I am working on importing custom itemtypes to load via AML package as part of new builds. Due to how a customized contextual window displays these items, I need the items to be in a 'Released' state when they are brought in. (The window will…
  • Two Workflows Assigned

    Good day all. I made a mistake with checking some boxes and have some changes that have two workflows created/assigned. I can see which one is moving forward, but this is causing errors. How to I tell a change which workflow to use? Thanks.
  • REST API, `Value cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: criteria` trying to get a Workflow

    Hello everyone. I'm using Aras 12SP09 and I'm working with the REST API. I have an AML call that I would like to transform to a REST call, it is: <Item type='Workflow' action='get' select='related_id(*)'> <source_id>UUID</source_id> <related_id condition…
  • Update workflow process to latest Workflow Map

    Any ideas on the topic? Failing this, resetting the workflow?
  • Change Field Set to Workflow Activity

    Good day all. Has an anyone set a method to add the current workflow activity name to a change field? We reference the changes more by the workflow activity than we do by the change state. Thanks for your help with this.
  • Feature licenses error when activate

    We are using a stand-alone server currently until we get ARAS fully stood up, then we will go live. We received the feature license keys and went to activate feature key but we keep receiving the pictured error below. It also pops up upon entering our…
  • "Aras.Server.Core.ItemNotFoundException" When transitioning from "In Work" to "Preliminary" with ECO Express's WF Activity

    Hi Community I'm having an issue and I'm hoping the community can help me solve it! In normal ECO Express WF of the Creator's operation goes to " Start--> Preliminary --> In Work" ,but what I'm trying to do is " In Work --> Preliminary" In other words…