CEO Portrait of Peter Schroer

Today, global companies are faced with a series of both opportunities and challenges.

Innovative new products are being developed for global markets, manufacturing efficiency and productivity are better than ever, and supplier collaboration is providing improved visibility across the value chain.

At the same time customers are becoming more sophisticated, demanding and impatient while costs are rising, competition is fierce and product complexity continues to increase.

Together these trends are driving businesses around the world to rethink Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

At Aras we recognize that to succeed in the future your company will need PLM to continue to achieve faster time to market, greater product quality and further performance improvements. To engineer the high value products of tomorrow PLM will be necessary to coordinate processes and collaborate globally.

You want industry best practices combined with the ability to continuously improve and create unique processes which give your company advantage over competitors.

My founding vision for Aras came from the fact that every company has specialized processes and complex data, and that PLM software should be adapted to fit your requirements, rather than the business compromised to fit the software. At Aras everything we do builds on this premise.

Our PLM is designed for global leaders that have complicated products where PLM is a necessity not an option. It's used by businesses that must constantly change to compete in tomorrow's world markets such as Boeing, GE and Hitachi.

We understand the complexity of designing the next generation of aircraft, vehicles, electronics and life sciences products. We know how to assure regulatory compliance and secure critical intellectual property. We know how important PLM performance is when thousands of suppliers are working in the system at the same time.

And we know you're going to need to change everything tomorrow to win new business.

That's why we built Aras Innovator. To provide companies like yours with a complete PLM solution suite on the advanced technology that will be necessary for the next 10 years of complexity and change. Because you can't engineer the future with yesterday's PLM.

Our approach is to enable corporate process change for continuous improvement and transformation through highly flexible and open enterprise solutions. We believe that openness is critical to the long term success and sustainability of your company's enterprise PLM backbone. Your company must have control over your own destiny, and the only way to truly achieve this is through openness in your enterprise systems environment, especially in PLM.

We also understand that in order for your PLM strategy to be successful you need commitment from people you can trust for the long term. For over a decade, together with our partners around the world, we have been dedicated to delivering world class service and support.

We believe we offer the best PLM platform, solutions, and with the help of our partners, the best knowledge and support for your business.

Moving forward you'll need to control MCAD, ECAD and ALM processes, manage more complex Bills of Material, bring together data from numerous other enterprise systems, securely enable global supply chain access, provide systems engineering functionality, make mobile a reality and probably provide some form of cloud or hybrid cloud capabilities.

If your company is driving innovation, if you develop products on more than three continents, if your supply chain is taking on greater design authority and you need to manufacture integrated systems, then you've got real PLM challenges that call for a new approach to PLM.

Find out what XEROX, Honda, Motorola, Mitsubishi and thousands of other companies around the world already know. Aras is Different.

We encourage you to Be Different.

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Peter Schroer

CEO & Founder, Aras