The Future of PLM is HERE

This new report from industry analysts CIMdata discusses innovations in product lifecycle management, long sought after by users, that you can use today.

3 Future Advancements in PLM that are Available Today:

  1. PAST: Upgrades are cost-prohibitive and time consuming
    TODAY: Upgrades are included in your annual fee & done in weeks, not years, regardless of customization
  2. PAST: Customization requires costly consultants
    TODAY: Drag & Drop Customizing - No Programming;
    No Consultants
  3. PAST: Old Client / Server Technology limits your options
    TODAY: Modern, sustainable technology that's web, cloud and mobile ready now

Get the complementary CIMdata report and find out more about these innovations in PLM technology that you can take advantage of today.

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"A PLM solution that is highly customizable to satisfy specific business requirements without causing negative side effects? The answer is a resounding Yes."


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