SolidWorks 3D CAD enables design teams to drive smarter, faster product development by quickly transforming new ideas into great products.

The SolidWorks Connector for Aras enables you to fully leverage your investment in SolidWorks by unlocking valuable CAD data for the enterprise and extended enterprise with secure access and permissions, while allowing designers to continue working in their familiar SolidWorks environment.


SolidWorks & Aras:

  • Enable global co-design with one source of information and a single product structure capable of supporting the needs of the 24 hour cycle.
  • Increase productivity across the product lifecycle, while reducing data management time, and eliminating data entry errors and duplication.
  • Incorporate valuable SolidWorks data with the rest of product information for complete tracking, analysis and forecasting.
  • Reduce training and increase user acceptance with a common platform spanning MCAD / ECAD / ERP systems.
  • Centralize key processes such as enterprise change, supply chain management, and new product development and introduction.

Functionality & Features

  • A Single Repository of SolidWorks design files in Aras
  • Controlled sharing of SolidWorks designs enterprise-wide, without additional license costs
  • Use SolidWorks configurations to drive families of parts in Aras
  • Management of Complex SolidWorks file Structures
  • Search and Load from SolidWorks & Aras; open files directly in SolidWorks from Aras
  • Reservation using Lock and Unlock
  • Version and Revision Control of SolidWorks files with configuration management &/or effectivity
  • Bidirectional Exchange of Properties; enter & edit attributes in SolidWorks and Aras
  • Drawing Title Block Automation
  • Standard Part File Management
  • Ability to show detailed Aras form of SolidWorks Document
  • Automatic Thumbnail Generation
  • Automated Background Viewable Conversion for SolidWorks files to Aras Available
  • Supports both WIP and Release Management
  • Enterprise Change Management with attached SolidWorks files
  • Auto Generation of Enterprise BOM driven by SolidWorks designs; Clear ownership by discipline with ability to make manual updates

Aras Connectors are available from the following partners:

Elysium, FocusPLM, Essig and XPLM.