The Microsoft® Office Connector for Aras Innovator® provides an intuitive and convenient way to manage Microsoft documents in Aras within Office applications.

The Office Connector for Aras extends the PLM benefits of Aras to users in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Users can create, store, edit, search and manage documents while working within the familiar, easy to use Microsoft environment. At the same time, the Office Connector for Aras provides administrators with sophisticated capabilities for document control and security, including need-to-know access, configurable automatic document numbering & naming conventions, the optional use of corporate templates, and more.

The Office Connector for Aras improves personal productivity while driving standardization, consistency and compliance throughout the enterprise by providing easy access to document templates, controlling the numbering and naming of files, and automating creation of viewable files such as PDFs. 

Office Connector View in Application

Microsoft Office Connector:

  • Configurable- Easily customized to support your company’s corporate standards, practices and procedures
  • Centralized Repository- Files are centrally managed in PLM and easily accessed either directly from PLM or from searching within Office itself
  • View & Edit- Simply select View for read-only access or Edit to lock and modify a file
  • Visual Collaboration- Auto generated PDFs of saved files support viewing and markup in Aras Visual Collaboration
  • Classification- Automated file naming and document number sequencing based on classification categories
  • Linking- Option to create relationships between documents and Aras items such as Parts, Drawings, Projects, and other PLM items from within Microsoft Office. Relationships can drive naming and numbering, and are updated along with associated product components.
  • Revision & Version Control- Configurable revision and version control on Microsoft files provides traceability and assures that users always work with the correct version of a file
  • Version Comparison- Automatically show a redline comparison between different versions of the same file
  • Enterprise Change Management- Apply lifecycle states, approval workflows and sign-offs to documents such as engineering change requests or document change orders
  • Templates - Create standardized Office document templates that comply with corporate conventions and are ready-to-use for end users
  • Property Mapping - Map properties from native Microsoft files to Aras or from Aras to the native Microsoft files, including values in Excel cells
  • Outlook Emails - Capture and store Outlook emails with embedded images and attachments as part of the product record in Aras
  • Compliance - Document controls, tracking, traceability and audit trails streamline and simplify compliance
  • Review Process - Supports the standard Office review process, including comments and change tracking
  • Security - Need-to-know access rights and permissions on files managed from within Aras