Master the V-diagram with Aras

From connected and autonomous vehicles to industrial equipment, products are now systems of systems and require a system-level approach to product design.

Manufacturers need to transform their product processes to align disciplines and connect information. Start mastering the V-diagram with a combined systems engineering and PLM approach to tackle tomorrow’s complexity.

Systems Engineering with Aras PLM

Simplify the Complex

PLM with Aras provides a complete set of capabilities to manage the lifecycle of complex multi-disciplinary products from requirements, through development, manufacture and support.

Watch this short video to see a Proof of Concept that integrates Aras with IBM’s Rhapsody to enable a Systems Engineering approach.

Key Features

  • System level product design (functional blocks, model based)
  • System-based requirements management
  • Management of multi-disciplinary deliverables for hardware and software development and maintenance
  • Systems-based management of the evolving configuration of products and variants through the complete lifecycle
  • Multi-disciplinary modular technical documentation

Airbus' New Approaches to ALM & PLM: Cross Discipline Product Development

Watch the presentation as members of Airbus Group, IBM and Aras discuss ALM/PLM Cross-discipline product development and present a brief teaser demonstration.


  • Supports the rapid development of complex systems-based products
  • Provides a complete environment for multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Provides schedule visibility and enforces best-practice ways of working to simplify management


PLM and PDM capabilities are powered by Aras Applications which are available on either an Open or Subscription basis.

Managed Item Types
Enabling Application
Open Subscription
Parts Product Engineering
Documents Product Engineering
Change Product Engineering
Requirements Requirements Management

CAD Documents
CAD Connector or PDM Integration

Software Product Engineering

Find Out More

Airbus PLM test management diagram

MBSE and the Business of Engineering

Coordinate your requirements, system models and physical product definition better than you have in the past with this proof of concept integration providing you with an open, secure and sustainable architecture for better visibility, collaboration and traceability of your product through the system level.

Airbus PLM test management diagram

Future Directions For PLM and MBSE

This white paper examines how the complimentary approaches of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) can facilitate the integration of engineering processes, tools, and data to improve productivity, quality, shorten cycle time, and reduce risk in the development process.

Airbus PLM test management diagram

Aras Next Generation Requirements Management

Erfahren Sie, wie Aras Requirements Management umfangreiches Anforderungsmanagement mit unternehmensweitem PLM kombiniert.


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