Kawasaki Heavy Industries


Luft- & Raumfahrt,
Industrielle Fertigung



Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., a premiere manufacturer of equipment for the aerospace, energy, industrial equipment, power, rolling stock and shipping industries, uses Aras PLM as a unified service platform to streamline new product development and optimize costs.


  • Flexibility to enable easy customization
  • Platform resilience and upgradeability
  • Lower initial and operating costs

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Responding to rapid changes in the business environment and accommodating unique processes across many different business units, was the goal of Kawasaki Heavy Industries' PLM journey. With 35,000 employees on six continents and over $14 billion in annual revenue, the company serves a global customer base in dynamically changing markets. This presentation will discuss how KHI achieved flexibility, agility and sustainability for future disruptive innovation with a unified digital platform as the backbone of their entire value chain.

Learn how Kawasaki Heavy Industries approaches improved collaboration across engineering disciplines and greater efficiencies in product development.

As a pioneer in industrial robot manufacturing, the Kawasaki Heavy Industries' Robot Business Division (Kawasaki Robotics) supplies a large number of robots for welding, assembly and handling, painting, and palletizing to various industries, including the automotive industry and the electrical and electronics industries. Following the requirement to manage increasing 3D engineering data effectively, they began to shift from the legacy system to Aras Innovator more expansion usage.