Thursday, July 29, at 11:00 a.m. ET

The ever-expanding complexities of systems being designed, digital transformation initiatives, and innovations in manufacturing increase the demand for robust and intelligent simulation that is automated, consistent, repeatable, and traceable. The latest simulation use cases include MBSE (Model-based Systems Engineering), generative designs, digital thread, additive manufacturing, digital twins, and cross-domain behaviors of system-of-systems (e.g.: autonomous vehicles).

Efficient management of simulation data, processes, and results at every stage of product development lifecycle is vital to managing the ever-increasing systems complexities. While current simulation algorithms are growing ever more powerful there is a need to make them ever more pervasive across more teams in cross-disciplinary ways. The goal is to enable more simulation, reduce simulation bottle necks, enable digital verification, and react quicker to changes in product definitions. 

Join Matteo Nicolich, Product Manager at Aras, for a 30-minute demonstration to learn more about simulation management and automation in Aras Innovator, including how to:

• Reduce design time by capturing your simulation best practices in an executable form 
• Enforce simulation best practices across the global enterprise 
• Achieve consistency and accuracy in simulations results 
• Increase accessibility to and traceability of simulation results

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