Thursday, October 7, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. ET

The path from a stakeholder requirement, to a corresponding set of implementation specific requirements, is a complex one. It requires an understanding the business objectives, effective reuse of the existing solutions, and design space exploration with system models, simulations, and trade studies. And once you are done, the results must be managed in a way that allows documenting contractual obligations, communicating results throughout the enterprise and the supply chain, and tracing of the decision process with an evidence-based Digital Thread.

Aras Low-Code Platform enables project and engineering teams to manage the requirements breakdown process with formal revision control and configuration management that includes traceability to all intermediate steps and design abstractions.

Join Michael Pfenning, Senior Product Manager at Aras, for a 30-minute demonstration to learn how to formally manage requirements breakdown as part of a Digital Thread with ease and efficiency.

How to create semantically rich relationships between external stake holder requirements and design abstractions managed by the PLM
How to leverage the system architecture model, managed in PLM, to define a lower-level set of implementation specific requirements
How to associate target parameters with specific requirements in a way that allows them to be explored and verified via simulation
How to automatically generate requirements documents that can be published as documents to be used in contract negotiations
How to manage revisions and configurations of all related structures so that they are traceable via a Digital Thread

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