Aras Office Connector French Language Pack

This language pack contains the language pack updates for the Aras Office Connector.

This project will update the database to translate Items added by this solution.

It is expected that the French Language has already been installed before this update is applied.

This language pack includes updates to the server component of the Aras Office Connector. The client components are automatically included as part of client installation.

Please read 000-README.TXT file install to your for more details.

Project Info

Owner: Aras Corporation Support

License Microsoft Public License

Supported VersionsOC11.0R9 and 12.0R1

Created On December 12, 2018

Last Modified On 6/28/2019 8:08:19 PM

Build Contents
Build Aras Office Connector database imports for 12.0R1

Created On 6/28/2019
File Name File Size 43661
Build Aras Office Connector database imports for 11.0R9.

Created On 12/12/2018
File Name File Size 44065