Why Aras?

Build a more resilient business with our open, low-code platform

Openness and transparency

Aras is the most open enterprise platform on the market and integrates seamlessly with your IT ecosystem. Distributed teams can collaborate across the entire product lifecycle without being locked into a single tool. We offer a free version of our software and openly share our product road map and pricing.

Ultimate flexibility

With our low-code platform, you can make unlimited customizations and rapidly build new applications. You can deploy Aras at any stage of the product lifecycle, and it can replace or overlay existing technology to best meet your needs. Our deployment is flexible, too, with cloud, on-premise, and hybrid options.

Software built to scale

Aras provides unprecedented scalability and is used by the largest, global enterprises. Connect any discipline to the product lifecycle, scale your data and users, and extend out to your suppliers’ and customers’ product ecosystems.

Upgrades on your terms

Only Aras performs upgrades on your schedule as part of your subscription. Whether you deploy on the cloud, on-premise, or with a hybrid approach, Aras includes all your customizations in the upgrade process.

Discover how Insitu, a leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, benefits from regular upgrades in order to take advantage of the Aras Platform's latest features and capabilities.