Leverage ALM Systems

As software-enabled products become the norm, companies are facing the challenge of managing the lifecycle of "systems". An emerging component of their strategy is the integration of an existing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system managing software source files and binaries with enterprise-wide PLM capabilities.

ALM Integration with Aras

Enterprise ALM Connections

PLM with Aras can be combined with an existing ALM environment, creating a complete system view of multidisciplinary products fully integrated into enterprise processes including BOM and change management while source code is managed in the ALM system.

Watch this short video to learn how Aras has teamed with Airbus and IBM to enable a Systems Engineering approach.

Key Features

  • Integrates software deliverables into system/enterprise product structures and change processes
  • Extends enterprise processes and capabilities including engineering BOM management, enterprise change and integrated project management to ALM users

Magna Powertrain: Application Lifecycle Management Using Aras Innovator

Learn about the future of ALM at Aras and see what Magna has accomplished with ALM & PLM using Aras Innovator.


  • Creates a full system view improving cross-discipline synchronization, reducing potential errors, delays and costs
  • Avoids unnecessary cost and risk by maintaining existing ALM working processes
  • Maintains productivity by allowing software developers to continue working in their familiar ALM environment

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