Staying Competitive with Complex Connected Products

Companies must remain competitive in the face of relentless product cost and time to market pressures and increasing product complexity – electronic, mechanical and software.

But in many organizations, PCB and electronics design are managed separately inhibiting cross-discipline collaboration. This leads to silos of information, BOMs residing outside the PLM system and an inability to leverage the BOM for the entire product lifecycle.

Altium Vault Connector Overview

The Altium Vault Connector for Aras takes a new approach to systems development that allows engineers working on complex products to access Altium PCB design data from within Aras Innovator.

By improving collaboration across electrical, mechanical, and software disciplines, Aras allows engineers to efficiently manage the product lifecycle from requirements through design, manufacture, and service.

Key Features

  • Unified PCB release process
  • Management of BOM variants and differences within and between releases
  • Unified management of files used by Fabrication and Assembly houses
  • Integrated PCB BOM structures with mechanical and software items creating complete product structures
  • Bi-directional collaboration between electronic and mechanical domains as part of product-level ECR and ECO processes


  • Supports a systems development approach to product engineering
  • Improves collaboration between electrical, mechanical, and software engineers
  • Allows product managers to efficiently manage ECRs and ECOs from requirements through design, manufacture, and service across all disciplines
  • Improves integration with ERP and suppliers
  • Provides metrics for understanding PCB process efficiency

PLM Software That Meets the Challenge

Aras Innovator allows organizations to develop consistent, repeatable processes that extend through the product lifecycle and enable collaboration across mechanical, electrical, and software disciplines. Aras Innovator is highly flexible, allowing organizations to tailor business processes to their specific requirements.

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