Dynamic Product Navigation

Flexible Data Views and Visual Searching

Product Visualization Across the Lifecycle

Dynamic Product Navigation (DPN) is a shift from static representations of CAD geometry, to an environment where users can tailor their 3D view. This environment enables users to create queries to reflect dynamic graphic representations based on the specific business needs of a given criteria. This interactive 3D view includes rich visualization services across the platform to support the entire enterprise.

Dynamic Product Navigation with Aras

Interrogate Products Using Dynamic Product Navigation

DPN provides 3D assembly visualizations based on configured query definitions. Dynamic assemblies are constructed on-the-fly, based on the conditional logic.

Dynamically rendered scenes enable the use of the Tree Grid View to identify and view related PLM business objects enabling users to understand the ripple effect that changes will have throughout the enterprise and across the lifecycle.

Your Data Your Way

Query Definitions and Tree Grid Views

Learn how Query and Tree Grid View Definitions can be built using a graphical interface to identify the specific elements of their data model and configure how this information is displayed.

Aras Innovator Demo Series - Visualizing Complex Product Data

Resilient Platform

Dynamic Product Navigation is available across the Aras Platform, and like all of Aras’ functionality, is available with a single user license.

The Aras Resilient Platform

Overcoming Challenges

See how Dynamic Product Navigation provides an interactive user experience to access PLM data in context with CAD viewables.

Overcoming PLM Challenges with the Power of Sight

Systems-Centric Communication

The rapidly growing complexity of products challenges manufacturers to bring the most sophisticated and connected products to market rapidly. This level of complexity has also introduced the need for a systems level approach.

Communicating with disconnected, legacy PLM systems, using outmoded tools like spreadsheets or email, simply won’t work when it comes to making products to meet tomorrow’s demands.


Aras Enterprise SaaS

Aras Enterprise SaaS provides a fully capable, business ready PLM environment with Systems Engineering and Digital Thread functionality to transform your organization. 

Explore Your Options

Own the Lifecycle

End-to-end actionable data to transform products and businesses. 

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Connect Everything

Capture your complete, evolving product definition and allow teams across the enterprise to follow a product’s digital history and all of its related digital assets.


Product Engineering

Supports parts, multi-level bill of materials, CMII standard configuration management and change management, approved vendor and manufacturer lists, and documents.

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Change Management

Change is the only constant in manufacturing. See how Aras helps you manage it.

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Configuration Management

Manage evolving product configurations developed my multiple groups inside the organization and within the supply chain.

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Visual Collaboration

Capturing the conversation demystifies how decisions are made. Visual Collaboration enables users to mark up and comment on items inside the system. 

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Resilient Platform

Create digital industrial applications with our open, low-code technology. Develop any solution for engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance of complex products.

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Aras executes platform upgrades as part of the subscription so customers never fall behind technologically.

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