Deliverables Management

Ensure progress with clear visibility

Application Overview

Effective project management in the product development phase requires clear monitoring of deliverables. The Deliverables Management application helps project managers monitor and track deliverables and phases throughout the lifecycle of a project, including closing rules, related items, and the health status of a project.

Deliverables Management with Aras

Project, Data and Processes in One System

Managing deliverables can be a challenge. Execution plans, CAD drawings, and paperwork are only sometimes connected and are placed in static documents, like Excel, with no synchronization.

Deliverables management solves that problem by allowing you to connect your project files to the matrix. With drag-and-drop functionality, you can set and track deliverables and phases in the tree grid and notify your colleagues and stakeholders in real-time.

Improve Deliverables Management with Aras