It's Your Data

In order to configure a PLM system, organizations need to create and modify the managed data items quickly and easily. This capability will give them the flexibility to meet specific business needs and maximize benefits.


Manage Items Your Way

Almost everything in the Aras® Platform is defined through an Item Type, including properties views, lifecycles, workflows, access permissions, relationships and program methods. Item Types are the basis for the self-describing property of the Aras® Platform.

Key Features

  • Defines data structure and behavior
  • Created using in-built modelling tools and stored in the database
  • Defines the characteristics and behavior of Items, which are Item Type instances
  • Can be divided into multi-level sub-classes

Aras Innovator 11: Demo Parts and BOMs

Bringing complex new products to market and maintaining them through their life requires managing bills of material (BOM) across many groups inside the organization and into the supply chain as well as managing the orderly creation, release and change of parts.


  • Flexibility to meet all business needs, maximizing benefits
  • Quick and easy to create and maintain, minimizing IT effort
  • Dynamic modification allows a system to be modified in flight to meet evolving business needs


Platform capabilities are available on either an Open or Subscription basis.

Open Subscription

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