Losing the Parts Battle?

Managing the orderly creation, release and change of parts is a key challenge for organizations. New parts are critical to delivering innovations and meeting customer requirements. But poor control of part introduction can raise costs and cause delays throughout the organization.

Parts Management with Aras PLM

Create Parts. Reuse Parts.

Parts Management provides complete control over the lifecycle of parts including automated workflows to manage the approval processes. Links to CAD models, drawings and documents are automatically maintained. Classification schemes may be implemented to support search and reuse.

Key Features

  • Configurable properties and lifecycle stages
  • Approved manufacturers/alternate/substitute parts
  • Target weight and cost
  • CAD and document integration
  • Flexible classification and search
  • Version and revision control

GE: EBOM / MBOM With Affected Items, Impact Matrix, Effectivity & More

See how General Electric customized Aras PLM to produce "big wins" across the board for their engineering teams.


  • Reduces the time to introduce and release new parts
  • Controls cost by preventing the unnecessary introduction of new parts and manufacturers
  • Reduces costs and time to market by driving part reuse
  • Avoids additional delays and costs by ensuring all users have the right information


PLM and PDM capabilities are powered by Aras® Applications which are available on either an Open or Subscription basis.

Enabling Application
Open Subscription
Product Engineering

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