We Give You Options

Whether your goal is to integrate or migrate your PDM system to Aras Innovator we have you covered. Different situations call for different solutions and it is important to have options to make the best decision for your business.

PDM and PLM Integration with Aras

PDM System Integration

The Aras Connectors provide automated synchronization of important PDM data including part/CAD data, assembly structures and documents. By eliminating manual synchronization our connectors ensure the integrity of your product data.

We will integrate your business processes to capture how data will move between systems as well as what data is synchronized. And like all Aras solutions our connectors are extensible allowing for future improvements to your business process!

Aras Integrations

PDM Migration

When you decide to retire your Legacy PDM system the same reliable synchronization capability in the Aras Connectors will also provide you with a controlled migration path into Aras Innovator. The PDM data represents a significant portion of your Intellectual Property, creativity and innovation - a world class migration process is a must!

Our connectors and processes will migrate your CAD files, documents and associated metadata with risk in mind. We will work with your team to manage the complexity by breaking the migration into manageable steps.

Data Migration with Aras PLM

Key Features

  • All data synchronization is governed by business logic
  • Bi-directional data synchronization allowing your team authoring flexibility
  • Performance tuned to keep your team focuses on what matters
  • Extensibility to change logic or data when your business processes change
  • Migration or system Integration capability to give you the best options

Aras Connectors For PDM/PLM

View all of our connectors and providers:

  Siemens Teamcenter Dassault Enovia PTC Windchill Autodesk Vault Solidworks PDM Pro Oracle Agile SAP PLM Altium Vault

Aras PLM










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XPLM Solutions GmbH

Note: Integration and migration connections require the applicable licenses on the part of the target PDM system.


  • Improved efficiency - all data is automatically synchronized, eliminating manual processes
  • Positive control - business logic ensures the right data is connected so your team gets what they need
  • Capability - like all Aras features customization allows for a perfect for to your current system and business needs
  • Performance - whether migrating or integrating your system resources will be managed to keep your business running efficiently