Training Records Management

Keep your records in check

Application Overview

Many companies currently manage their employee training records in traditional paper-based systems or disconnected point solutions. This practice makes it increasingly difficult to identify how general requirements for training apply to job-specific training requirements. In addition, these companies need to be able to pass third party audits or inspections.

Training records should add value to your business, not be an administrative burden. Manage your training records with a high degree of visibility, speed, and accuracy with Aras Training Records Management and get access to employee training records without excessive hands-on time.

Records Management with Aras

Document Skill Levels With a Few Clicks

Digitally managing training records as part of your overall product development makes the entire process more efficient for both managers and employees.

Connecting training records management to a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution supports easy management and validation of workflows that enforce required tasks. Attendance records, achievements, and much more are filed for future use.

  • Simplify audits
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase workforce flexibility
  • Reduce administrative overhead
  • Improve visibility
  • Reduce compliance risks 
Document Skill Levels with Aras

Improve Training Records Management with Aras