Aras Invests in XPLM to Ensure Open Connectivity in Engineering and Manufacturing for the Future

Enabling open connectivity, cross-functional process digitalization, and solution sustainability for all our customers and partners are our main goals at XPLM. We understand that to support the development of smart connected products and Industry 4.0, many systems must work together across the enterprise.

To achieve cross-discipline design with digital thread traceability, and realize the promise of the SmartFactory, digital twins, and many other digital transformation scenarios requires open connectivity to a wide range of tools and systems in engineering and manufacturing.

This is why we strive to provide the most comprehensive and innovative connectivity solutions in the industry. With over 120 integrations to various MCAD, ECAD, MBSE, ALM, PDM, PLM, ERP, and other systems, the XPLM portfolio enables users and organizations to bring together information across the lifecycle while adapting with agility as the rate of change and complexity continues to increase.

With Aras' investment, XPLM will further accelerate innovation, continue to operate as an independent business, and maintain our commitment to openness today and into the future.

XPLM Remains an Independent, Neutral, and Trusted Partner 
Following the investment, it is important to both XPLM and Aras that each company maintains independence, neutrality, and confidentiality. To accomplish this, both XPLM and Aras are committed to the following principles:

  • Independence – XPLM will continue to provide a level playing field for all partners and customers in the industry and remain separate and independent in its commercial operations to protect vendor IP and maintain trusted relationships.
  • Neutrality – XPLM and Aras will continue to treat each other like any other partner in their commercial relationships, and both will remain neutral in selection projects where multiple partners are involved.
  • Confidentiality – All XPLM confidential commercial information continues to remain separated – from Aras as well as all other competitive partners – with access restricted only to authorized XPLM personnel.