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Valley Fine Foods is an independent, family-owned company with a mission to produce healthy, 100 percent natural foods rich with gourmet flavor. Founded in 1984, the company manufactures premium, high-quality filled pastas, selling dozens of varieties at club and grocery stores nationwide and producing private label brands for fine grocers and restaurants. Its Pasta Prima brand of premium quality, handcrafted, filled pasta introduced in 1993 has grown into a complete line of 100 percent natural ravioli and tortellini still made in small batches with only the finest ingredients.


  • Stores all formulas and recipes in one searchable database
  • Saves hours each week in terms of documenting and reporting
  • Improves access and visibility company-wide to important research and production information

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With a new formulas and recipe management solution powered by Aras, Valley Fine Foods achieves product quality, consistency, and security.