High-Tech Electronics

Reduce Costs And Improve Profitability

High-Tech Electronics Industry Leaders Building With Aras

Develop Innovative Business Models and Offerings

Create sustainable shareholder value through innovative product/solution offerings and business models. Now is the time to move ahead of the competition with a resilient platform that adapts to changing business requirements.

Platform is the Answer

Today’s supply chain is a complex network collaborating on ideation, design, manufacturing, and service. Closing the loops and disconnects is needed to innovate and succeed. The answer is not to rip and replace but to build a backbone on a resilient platform. Begin transforming from your current technology restrictions to a platform-based solution such as Aras Innovator.


Smooth Information Flow

From internal and external stakeholder requirements to design disciplines, manufacturing, and service, the smooth flow of information is essential to innovation and successful business operations. 

Connect the Ecosystem

Building the next big idea takes a village, which means connecting information from engineering and collaborating with suppliers across the globe. Doing this sustainably requires a Digital Thread.

Data Transparency

An open platform allows organizations to own their data instead of leaving it captive to an aging technology or software vendor. For a platform to be relevant over time it must keep to open standards.

Previously, our certification management was done manually, and if you have manual processes, you have the human effect – one can make mistakes. With all data now in Aras, we can do the assessments much more efficiently and with better turnaround times. Bottom line is that we save a lot of time!

- Magnus Erenstedt, Development Manager at Consilium Safety and Marine AB

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Resilient Platform

Create digital industrial applications with our open, low-code technology. Develop any solution for engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance of complex products.

Get Resilient

Connect Everything

Capture your complete, evolving product definition and allow teams across the enterprise to follow a product’s digital history and all of its related digital assets.


Aerospace & Defense

Better manage product-related information and processes specific to mission critical requirements.



See how Aras is meeting the automotive challenges of tomorrow.

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Life Sciences

Stringent regulations, complex development and production processes, comprehensive research trials, are mission-critical challenges require a platform approach.

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Product Engineering

Supports parts, multi-level bill of materials, CMII standard configuration management and change management, approved vendor and manufacturer lists, and documents.

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Quality Management

Shorten development cycles while ensuring product quality and regulatory compliance.

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Reconcile your BOM

Manage manufacturing data and processes.  Create graphical and concurrent process plans, MBOM and work instruction authoring, plus real-time EBOM/MBOM reconciliation.

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Maintenance Management

Bring together engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance on a single platform to extend the Digital Thread to the field and provide the foundation for Digital Twin.