SAP Insights

What Are the Essentials for Successful Digital Transformation Now?

SAP Insights September 2021

Digital transformation is not an option. As business leaders look ahead to next year and beyond, they are asking how to keep the momentum around digital transformation going. This article explains what’s essential for successful digital transformation today.

Machine Design

How PLM Advances Digital Integration

Machine Design September 2021

Connecting business processes to the right data facilitates better decision making and enhances operational efficiency. This article explains how you can advance your digital transformation strategy by opting for a PLM solution that is agile, resilient, and sustainable.


High Tech Pivoting

insideBIGDATA July 2021

Business processes will not only change but will do so often, quickly, and without concern for the ability of the systems to change with them. This article explores why taking advantage of a technology designed to adapt is critical for innovation and even more so when pivoting to new business models.

Industry Today

Keeping PLM Current: Key to Digital Transformations

Industry Today June 2021

Keeping your PLM solution current empowers your organization to increase collaborative productivity and make better data-driven decisions. This article highlights the importance of executing upgrades at consistent intervals.

Digital Engineering 24/7

PLM Modernization Linked to Digital Transformation Success

Digital Engineering June 2021

Too many companies are entrusting their next-generation business strategies to outdated PLM systems that can’t deliver the flexibility and agility required for digital-era processes. This article explores why PLM modernization is linked to digital transformation success and highlights data from CIMdata’s recent upgrade study that we sponsored.

Time to Value: When and How to Upgrade PLM Platforms? June 2021

CIMdata’s recently published PLM upgrade study provided very positive perspectives on how our users benefit from regular, quicker and cheaper platform upgrades—compared to the competition. This article discusses the findings of the study, argues that not all PLM upgrades are equal, and shares several questions that are left to cover on this topic.

Lifecycle Insights

Aras Innovator: The Advantages of Accessing Simulation Data in Your Product Lifecycle Management Solution

Lifecycle Insights May 2021

How easy it is for you to view simulation data in your PLM system? This article from Lifecycle Insights highlights how Aras Innovator allows engineers to request simulations, view the results, and relate those results to requirements, all within a single platform.


Accelerate. Collaborate. Empower. Aras ACE 2021

CIMdata May 2021

This CIMdata commentary provides an excellent recap of ACE 2021 and highlights some of their key takeaways of the event.

Aras on Systems Thinking: Connecting the Red Dots Toward Continuous Transformation April 2021

Learn how Aras believes organizations can tailor their PLM platforms to meet operating model and integration requirements.

Industry Today

Successfully Executing Digital Transformation

Industry Today April 2021

Businesses that lack the ability to embrace change will fall behind, while ones that successfully execute digital transformation will win as a team. Learn why organizations often struggle with digital transformation and how they can better approach it to empower their business.

Systems Architecture App from Aras: Bringing Together MBSE and Systems Thinking March 2021

Find out how Aras is approaching MBSE and reinforcing the value towards effective simulation lifecycle management.

Digital Engineering

The Modern Face of SPDM

Digital Engineering November 2020

As simulation-driven design becomes a core pillar of digital product development, a refreshed simulation product data management has come to light. This article highlights Ansys’ use of Aras Innovator to deliver a vendor-neutral and open approach to SPDM.

Smart Industry

Enterprise low-code: The next step in low-code

Smart Industry November 2020

Low-code software has been around for decades and, with every re-emergence, the expectations are high. This article highlights recent advancement in low-code known as enterprise low-code. Enterprise low-code platforms offer a more strategic approach to application development with a higher level of functionality than traditional low-code solutions.

Toolbox Tech

Benefits of an Enterprise Low-Code Platform for Manufacturers

Toolbox Tech October 2020

Manufacturers are turning to technology as they navigate the impact of the pandemic. Find out how an enterprise low-code platform enables manufacturers to digitally transform on a digital platform, improving agility and resilience.

Aras Continues to Extend Its Low-Code Platform Capabilities to Build Intelligent Automation October 2020

With the latest open release of Aras Innovator, Aras provides further capabilities and enhancements to manage complex product digital twins and integrations across the digital thread—boosted with low-code application administration, advanced configurability and custom app development.

Technology Evaluation Centers

Aras Asserts Capabilities for Unit-Specific Digital Twin Configurations

Technology Evaluation Centers September 2020

Aras is competing for a very specific aspect of a digital twin initiative, a problem that hasn’t gotten much attention to date, but is absolutely critical for proper product operation analysis. Learn why Aras Digital Twin Core is a key differentiator.

PLM is Not a Dead Market: Display Giant EIZO Bets on Aras Innovator as PLM Backbone June 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic may have slowed the number of transactions in the PLM industry, but the market hasn’t been brought to a standstill. This article highlights EIZO’s decision to choose Aras Innovator as the backbone of its product development system.

Assembly Magazine

Five Digital Transformation Failures and How to Avoid Them

Assembly Magazine May 2020

Technology innovations for products and services are advancing rapidly. However, manufacturers increasingly find their product development systems are unable to support what it takes to bring these innovations to market. Here’s a look at the five most common reasons for digital transformation failure and tips on how to avoid them.

Power Magazine

PLM, ERP, EAM, Digital Twin: What Do They All Mean?

Power Magazine March 2020

The power industry and technology worlds are filled with acronyms. It’s often hard to know what they all mean. This podcast highlights how digital technology is being utilized to bring products to market and track assets throughout their lifecycle.

Toolbox Tech

How Product Lifecycle Management Simplified the Manufacturing Sector

Toolbox Tech February 2020

This article recounts the history of technology in manufacturing and how developments in CAD and PLM operations has propelled the industry to where it is today.

SME's Manufacturing Magazine

PLM Takes on Digital Transformation

SME’s Manufacturing Engineering Magazine February 2020

PLM software helps manufacturers manage, shape, guide, and refine new product developments, speeding up the design and production process. Manufacturing users of PLM software are looking for easier-to-use PLM tools, including the latest product data management and CAD/CAM/CAE tools in the age of Industry 4.0.

Why ANSYS Bet on Aras PLM Technology, and Why Aras Tends to Become a “Silent Partner” January 2020

Integrating simulation solutions into PLM platform environments is no longer simply a matter of cutting-edge technology for a handful of specialists. As simulation swells in all directions and overcomes barriers in product realization work, a growing close collaboration is emerging between the PLM platform vendors and independent CAE developers. This article takes a closer look at ANSYS’ partnership with Aras and their decision to build a new software solution on Aras' platform.

Manufacturing Tomorrow

2020 PLM Predictions

Manufacturing Tomorrow December 2019

Manufacturers who can successfully launch new customer experiences before their competition will maintain market leadership, ward off new market entrants and earn well-deserved buzz. As we survey the manufacturing industry ahead of the new year, here’s what else we can expect to see in 2020.

Digital Engineering

Why Digital Transformations Fail

Digital Engineering November 2019

A resilient thinker realizes that the need for change will never relent, so the only way to manage the future is to design for it. This way, the business can always adapt to the best solutions available, not to the ones that are the most convenient to implement. This article discusses how you can prepare for a successful digital transformation.

Aerospace Manufacturing & Design

4 Tips to Navigating the Changing Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Market

Aerospace Manufacturing & Design October 2019

Third-party MROs need to adapt to succeed in a market increasingly dominated by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). They must act and think differently about approaches to MRO to compete today and future-proof their business. This article discusses how you can navigate the changing MRO market.

Smart Industry

We Live in the Future

Smart Industry October 2019

Thanks to modern consumer expectations and a changing market, manufacturers have become tech companies at heart. That transformation, coupled with a lengthening product lifecycle that now often includes post-production service and maintenance, has made it even more important (and even more possible) that companies truly own their customers’ lifecycle, and choose a technology that will enable them to do so both today and tomorrow.

Digital Engineering

The Path to Simulation

Digital Engineering September 2019

Boosted by new, easier to use tools and more readily available compute resources, simulation technology is increasingly used more frequently and earlier in the design process, and by a wider array of professionals. However, the path to truly democratized simulation requires both technological and cultural changes. Digital Engineering spoke with some leading industry organizations about progress toward this democratization, and some of the remaining challenges and opportunities.


Realizing the Promise of the Internet of Things

Cadalyst September 2019

Taking advantage of the IoT can require product developers to invest in new design methodologies and IT infrastructures, but the potential payoff is huge: better products, improved product development processes, and mutually beneficial customer relationships.

Digital Engineering

Social and Connected PLM

Digital Engineering August 2019

Platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams are gaining traction, but some say ad hoc exchanges must be part of the record for the digital thread. Digital Engineering takes a look at the trends in Social PLM and what companies are doing to incorporate it into their technology.


New $70 Million Investment in Aras - Highlight

CIMdata November 2018

The Goldman Sachs PCI group specializes in growth equity. The group invests directly using Goldman Sachs’ capital. According to Aras, Goldman Sachs focuses on growth companies with significant barriers to entry, breakthrough technology, and experienced management teams. Silver Lake’s inclusion in this D-round shows their continued confidence, especially considering the insight they gained with the board seat they acquired with last year’s investment. CIMdata believes that Goldman Sachs was spot-on in their assessment of Aras.


Aras Adds $70M from Goldman Sachs to Grow Product Software

Xconomy November 2018

Schroer says the deepening complexity of these heavily engineered products, from Boeing planes to BMW cars, has ramped up the need to carefully document and plan their development—and put a lot of pressure on companies to reevaluate the capabilities of their current product lifecycle management (PLM) software. “All the sudden this last year, it has become a hot topic: product compliance, complexity, and dealing with [the internet of things], big data. Put all that together and there is a compelling need to put a new PLM system in place,” Schroer argues.

PLM is Hot Again: Aras Announces $40 Million Investment

ENGINEERING.COM September 2017

“Aras embodies this strategy with a game-changing platform and ‘SaaS Anywhere’ approach that has proven very compelling to customers, and we are excited about Aras’ next stage of growth." -Martin Fichtner, managing director of Silver Lake Kraftwerk.

Boston Business Journal

Boston Business Journal, “GE Ventures adds to $40M round for Andover industrial software company”

Boston Business Journal September 2017

“To power the next wave of global industrial productivity, GE is investing in critical foundational capabilities for the Industrial Internet," Steve Taub, the managing director of advanced manufacturing and enterprise at GE Ventures, said in a statement.


New $40 Million Investment in Aras

CIMdata September 2017

Given the amount invested and the reputation of the investors, CIMdata sees this as well-deserved recognition of Aras’ position in the global PLM industry, as well as their future potential. Their innovative technology and business model are well proven at this point and continue to gain traction in the marketplace.

“On Par with the cPDm Leaders” – Why Aras is Recognized as a New Member of the PLM Elite September 2017

Aras has managed to produce a solution that effectively covers what tend to be weak spots in large corporation’s PLM environments: supplier collaboration and simplicity to upgrade. Add in the fact that there are no license fees (Aras is free to download) and it becomes obvious that the solution has a couple very hard-to-resist advantages.

Digital Engineering

Aras PLM Platform Intended to Extend Digital Thread into Manufacturing and Service

Digital Engineering March 2017

Aras Quality Systems enables Closed-loop corrective action/preventive action (CAPA) – accelerates identification, containment, and analysis of issues, and tracking of affected items; Root cause analysis (RCA) – offers a variety of RCA tools; fault tree analysis, fishbone analysis, and five whys; collaboration – supports quality review through Visual Collaboration, business rules and workflow, and aggregation and packaging of CAP items; and Reporting – provides 8D reporting and tracking of CAPA metrics (% closed, % due).

Boeing, Airbus and the Hardship of Dealing with PLM Obsolescence February 2017

Former French president Charles de Gaulle once famously complained about the difficulty of governing a country that had 246 different kinds of cheese. In the time since that statement was made, life for both societies and enterprises has become even more complicated, and the hardship of ruling diversity, illustrated by this “cheese analogy,” has grown exponentially


IBM launches new Digital Twin and Platform capabilities for Watson Internet of Things

IBM February 2017

IBM, Aras Corporation and OSI Soft today are launching new IBM Digital Twin capabilities, to create multiple views of products by bringing together various ‘digital threads’ and data streams that can be tailored to the needs of a particular user.