Aras®, a provider of open product lifecycle management (PLM) software for the enterprise, today announced it has acquired the Impresa Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO), business from Infospectrum. The Impresa acquisition provides Aras with a suite of complementary MRO capabilities to help Manufacturers and Owner-Operators digitally transform development and maintenance of complex products. With the Impresa acquisition, Aras will deliver PLM and MRO on a single, modern platform that extends the Digital Thread to the field and provides the foundation for Digital Twin.

The Aras Impresa MRO software will be available >as part of Aras enterprise subscriptions and is immediately available at no charge for current Aras subscribers.

New Value for Manufacturers and Owner-Operators
To stay ahead of competition, Manufacturers must continuously innovate next-generation products and offer the flexibility of capacity-as-a-service offerings. As a result, they need to transform how they develop products and plan to service them in the field. Connecting their PLM to MRO gives these companies a path to achieve both goals with a closed loop between product development and field data.

Owner-Operators want to improve how they maintain complex products they own in order to maximize uptime and profitability. As a result, they increasingly want to gain control over product designs to optimize how they service and replace components, from discrete parts to full assemblies. Adding PLM functionality enables Owner-Operators to bring product engineering to their maintenance practices. With a combined PLM and MRO solution, they gain the PLM capability necessary to manage designs, decisions, and part selection related to maintenance and service of their assets.

Manufacturers and Owner-Operators alike must overcome their legacy systems, processes, and fragmented IT architectures to enable these new business goals. They must transform their processes and systems to connect departments, remove operational silos, and create full lifecycle traceability for Digital Thread and Digital Twin for new breakthroughs in products and service.

Supporting Quotes:

  • "Companies choose Aras as a digital transformation partner to modernize their most complex engineering and manufacturing processes today and for the future – and have been asking for an MRO application to extend their journey. With the acquisition of Impresa, we are adding a highly-talented team and proven solution to further expand our MRO capabilities and to be first to connect MRO to the Digital Thread on a single platform." - Peter Schroer, CEO, Aras
  • "The ability to understand a product’s configuration is essential for optimizing how it is operated and maintained. Connecting ‘As-Built’ data to ‘As-Maintained’ data is a powerful step forward for Manufacturers who want to maintain these complex assets for their customers." - Rob McAveney, Chief Architect, Aras
  • Companies maintaining large, complex assets have traditionally tried to transfer information from legacy PLM systems into stand-alone MRO systems or co-mingle MRO and PLM via third-party systems. These approaches often result in mistakes and inaccuracies, and are not sustainable. With Impresa on the Aras PLM platform, companies can transform their processes to track everything from asset configuration to utilization and predictive maintenance." - Suresh Iyer, CEO, Infospectrum

As part of the transaction, Aras will acquire technology, intellectual property, and subject matter expertise. Aras plans to immediately begin incorporating the Impresa MRO technology onto the Aras PLM Platform to continue to deliver full product lifecycle traceability on a single platform and code base.

Aras subscribers may request the MRO application by submitting information here.

For more information about the Aras Impresa MRO solution, companies should attend ACE 2018 in Indianapolis, IN to meet subject matter experts, see demos, and discuss roadmap.

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