Aras®a provider of open product lifecycle management (PLM) software for the enterprise, today announced availability of version 11 SP12 of Aras Innovator which adds Configurator Services onto the platform. Using these new services, manufacturers can simplify how product teams manage the complexity of different platforms, product lines, and variants and options. In addition, the new software release includes a range of enhancements for increased usability, efficiency, collaboration, and productivity.

Existing enterprise subscribers are entitled to software upgrades performed by Aras at no additional charge, regardless of the amount of system customization. Aras Innovator 11 SP12 is available for open download at no cost.

Tackling Product Complexity with Variant Management Through the Product Lifecycle

Manufacturers need to respond to customer demands for products that meet core functional requirements as well as individual preferences and requirements. The result is a multitude of product variants and as-built configurations that must be managed as distinct product structures through the product lifecycle. A global automotive OEM selling vehicle platforms in several countries with multiple drive options (e.g., front wheel, AWD), different drivetrains (e.g., diesel, electric), and multiple trim levels may easily generate a billion possible configurations. This volume can add unmanageable complexity for engineering teams trying to meet customer requirements.

Using the Configurator Services, manufacturers can streamline configuration structures to save time and reduce error. The new Configurator Services allow teams to:

  • Define and manage product portfolios, including platforms, product lines, models, and variable features, options, and rules.
  • Distinguish variable from static content such as parts or technical documentation within configurable structures.
  • Build 150% BOMs and easily convert them to specific product configurations.

To demonstrate the power of the Configurator Services and provide a starting point for companies to begin building variants and options structures, Aras has also released a sample Configurator application which is available for download here.

For more information, teams can attend the live Aras Demo Series webinar on Variant Management, Thursday, February 15, at 11 AM EDT, and see the Configurator Service in-action at ACE 2018, Aras’ Community conference in Indianapolis, IN, March 20-22.

New Usability and Fast Access to Information for Enhanced Productivity

The latest open version of the Aras PLM Platform also adds a range of enhancements to improve collaboration and usability to save time, connect teams, and improve productivity:

Rise of the Product Innovation Platform

Legacy PLM systems have focused on management of CAD data for physical, mechanical design, and are ill-equipped to unify product data across design disciplines or into the field.

  • Extended Classification - classify items with multiple properties for enhanced searchability.
  • Mass Promote - easily promote lifecycle state across multiple items with one command.
  • RESTful APIs/Odata - support modern web interfaces to allow organizations to connect other technologies to the Aras PLM Platform.
  • @Mentions in Visual Collaboration - tag colleagues and send alerts directly from Visual Collaboration.
  • Enhanced Office Connector - improved performance when working with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
  • Query Builder and Tree Grid View - model custom tree grid views for browsing related items, based on configurable query definitions.

Supporting quotes: 

"Variant management is a significant engineering challenge – not just for auto, but for any global manufacturer of complex products tailored to its customers’ specific needs. This latest release provides a way for companies to create efficient processes across multiple design disciplines and collapse expansive sets of variants into manageable configuration structures. Just as importantly, the architecture of the Aras PLM Platform ensures any customized processes that companies define are carried forward in any future software updates." - John Sperling, VP of Product Management, Aras

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