Aras, the only resilient platform provider for digital industrial applications, today announced that its Requirements Engineering application, a next generation solution for managing requirements within a PLM platform, is now available.

The rising complexity of products and systems across the industrial landscape and the ever-expanding regulatory environment is driving the need for transformational technologies to manage requirements in the context of total product configuration at every step of the lifecycle. Many organizations struggle with digital transformation because they rely on a combination of standalone requirements management tools and monolithic documents. These organizations need an aligned technology that will accelerate their time to market by establishing traceability between different requirements types and related design artifacts and manage the related configurations on a single platform.

Aras Requirements Engineering enables end-to-end traceability across complex configurations in various design domains with requirements content representing various types of structured and reusable elements. Its ability to establish and maintain requirement relationships to platform-managed items and structures across all engineering domains is key to enabling a transformational methodology and platform for managing requirements.

With Aras Requirements Engineering, organizations will improve timeliness, cost control, and quality, have an ability to reuse requirements and content elements in various configurations, and allow bi-directional traceability between individual requirements and various design artifacts across all design domains and their lifecycles.

“Siloed management of requirements in monolithic documents prevents organizations from transforming to a truly traceable and collaborative process required for design of today’s complex products and systems,” said Pawel Chadzynski, Senior Director, Product Management, at Aras. “The Aras Requirements Engineering application, together with the Aras Innovator Platform, eliminates this obstacle.”

Requirements Engineering is available for 11 SP15 and subscribers can access it through the Aras FTP site and use the Aras update tool to install the solution.

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