Aras, the only resilient platform provider for digital industrial applications, today announced that Ottobock, a global market leader in prosthetics, has selected the Aras platform to streamline research and development (R&D) processes and systems across the enterprise, setting a foundation for the next phase of organizational growth.

Ottobock embarked on an IT digital transformation initiative, with a product lifecycle management (PLM) strategy being at the forefront. As part of this effort, it underwent an assessment that looked at their current business landscape in R&D and identified key areas to strengthen the organization. Ottobock had been managing documents and data in a several different systems, with most processes being document based – whether that be physical paper documents or documents stored in several shared databases. Ottobock was looking for a more sustainable way to move forward by eliminating manual processes, transforming non-digital data, and breaking down both data and organizational silos.

The Aras platform will provide full lifecycle traceability, strong data integrity, and overall increased operational efficiency. By basing its digital transformation strategy on an open platform, Ottobock can make decisions throughout every aspect of the product lifecycle and improve communication and collaboration across the enterprise – resulting in the development of better products with a shorter time to market.

Design History Files (DHF) and Device Master Records (DMR) are key factors to ensuring strong design control traceability and reduced compliance risk. Aras’ partner Minerva played a significant role in the selection with its industry trusted, out-of-the-box medical device templates for both DHF and DMR. A second Aras partner, XPLM, leveraged their expertise integrating application, processes, data and information to enable seamless cross-domain system integrations. 

“At Ottobock, we work hard every day to improve the quality of life of our patients and users. To achieve this goal now and in the future, our focus is on innovation and outstanding technology,” said Erik Albrecht-Laatsch, Director Engineering at Ottobock. “The Aras platform provides us with a resilient way forward by migrating our data and processes into one central system, allowing us to accelerate product innovation and growth.”

“Ottobock develops solutions and strategies that help people master the challenges of everyday life,” said Andreas Mueller, SVP European Operations at Aras. “By selecting the Aras platform, they now have a foundation that allows them to continuously build upon to be prepared for the future as their business initiatives evolve and become more complex.”

About Ottobock
Ottobock develops “wearable human bionics” – medical technology products for people with limited mobility in the fields of Prosthetics, Orthotics and Human Mobility (wheelchairs). The company, founded in 1919, also treats patients in its Patient Care division. Ottobock's mission: Enhancing the quality of life and health economic benefits of those they serve. With the Paexo exoskeletons, Ottobock has transferred its expertise in biomechanics to applications for industry as well since 2012. Subsidiaries in 59 countries offer “Made in Germany” quality worldwide and employ more than 7,000 people. The international activities of the company are coordinated from the head office in Duderstadt, Germany. 

About Aras
Aras provides a resilient platform for digital industrial applications. Its open, low code technology enables the rapid delivery of flexible, upgradeable solutions for the engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of complex products. Aras’ platform and product lifecycle management applications connect users in all disciplines and functions to critical product data and processes across the lifecycle and throughout the extended supply chain. Airbus, Audi, Denso, GE, GM, Honda, Kawasaki, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, and Nissan are investing in the platform to manage complex change and traceability. Visit to learn more and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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