Aras, the only resilient platform provider for digital industrial applications, today announced the latest release of Aras Simulation Management, the most scalable, flexible and open solution for enabling simulation across the lifecycle. The application delivers capabilities for managing process and data for the full range of simulation types from a wide variety of vendors. Analysis data and results become part of the digital thread connecting simulation to the business with closed-loop traceability to requirements.

Today, ever-increasing product complexity is driving the need for more simulations and more types of simulation – 3D, systems, math models, electronics, embedded software – in more areas with tools from many different vendors. In most enterprises, simulation is managed separately in silos that are often optimized for tools from a single vendor and only accessible to small groups of simulation specialists. The disconnected nature of simulation limits the use and value of analysis, leads to error-prone inefficiencies, and prevents digital thread traceability.

“It is critical for organizations to have a simulation strategy in place that ensures input data and simulation findings are fully connected to the right product configuration, completing the digital thread,” said Peter Bilello, President & CEO of CIMdata. “With the release of the Aras Simulation Management application, Aras now provides users with the ability to connect simulation to the digital thread of product data, enabling simulation to become an integrated, traceable, and repeatable step in the development, manufacture, and support of complex products.”

“Aras Simulation Management is not a stand-alone modeling capability,” said John Sperling, SVP Product Management at Aras. “It is part of the overall suite of applications on the Aras platform, and along with Aras Requirements Engineering, Aras Systems Architecture, and Aras Product Engineering is a key enabler of Systems Thinking and Digital Transformation strategies for our customers.”

For the first time, organizations can manage all different types of simulation connected with engineering, manufacturing and maintenance processes across the enterprise. With a resilient platform as its foundation, Aras Simulation Management delivers best-in-class scalability to handle geometrically increasing simulation data sets along with far greater flexibility for process transformation.

Aras Simulation Management enables simulation experts to focus on modeling, analysis and methodologies while eliminating redundant administrative tasks. Simulation inputs such as accurate product configuration variants, mixed-fidelity models and parameter values are automatically part of simulation studies, while analysis results are exposed in mainstream processes as part of the digital thread. Large scale simulation management is essential when there are hundreds or thousands of cases to be evaluated over a large number of product variants. Teams throughout the lifecycle can then easily compare findings from one design variation to the next and run repeatable simulation processes in order to make timely decisions using results connected to the right version of the product.

Using Aras Simulation Management enables global companies to achieve better simulation coverage to meet the needs of today’s engineering requirements, mitigate the impact of multi-discipline product complexity, and quickly evolve business strategies that involve simulation at scale now and into the future.

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